Waldorf Early Childhood Programs

The Waldorf Early Childhood Programs [now under Waldorf Steiner Early Years Centre] are structured around a balanced approach that engages the intellectual, emotional and physical needs of each child in a developmentally appropriate way. The young child’s imagination and initiative are engaged through play, creative arts, singing and movement.

Preparing for Life

Learning gains its meaning through its relevance to life. Numeracy is learnt through practical domestic work of cooking and bread making while literacy skills are nurtured through daily storytelling, singing and the recitation of verses. Painting, drawing and beeswax modelling enhance the children’s sense of balance and symmetry, and craft activities support the development of fine motor skills

Time for nature

Our natural outdoor setting enables young children to explore, discover the world around them as well as learn to respect and experience Nature. Water, sand, trees and plants provide rich sensory experiences for the playing child.

A home-like Environment 

A warm, beautiful and nurturing home-like environment provides a protective space for young children to flourish and learn. The days unfold in a rhythmical and predictable way to create an unhurried, familiar and calm environment that supports their wellbeing and sense of security.

Meaningful Work 

Daily, the children join their teachers in meaningful practical work as well as artistic activities, such as baking, gardening, meals preparation, craft making, wood working and painting. These activities follow a yearly rhythm of the seasons and festivals, bringing special moods and atmospheres to the setting.

Self-initiated play at the heart

Free-play is a vital activity in learning. Creative thinking, social skills, problem solving and emotional intelligence are nurtured through the children’s self-directed play. In this imaginative, free play, children act out scenarios of their own creation, helping them to experience many aspects of life more deeply. Toys are made of natural material, hand-crafted with open-ended features that allow the young children to express their limitless imagination.