Further reading and resources

Early childhood
The Genius of Play – Celebrating the Spirit of Childhood 
Sally Jenkinson
You are Your Child’s First Teacher
Rahima Baldwin
Free to Learn – Introducing Steiner Waldorf Education
Lynn Oldfield
What is Waldorf Kindergarten?
Joan Almon (Editor)
The Parent and Child Group Handbook - A Steiner Waldorf Approach
Dot Male
Steiner/Waldorf Education Overview
Adventures in Steiner Education  
Brien Masters
An Introduction to Steiner Education
Francis Edmunds
Understanding Waldorf Education
Jack Petrash
Steiner Education in Theory and Practice
Gilbert Childs
Questions and Answers in Rudolf Steiner Education
Roy Wilkinson
Waldorf Parenting Handbook
Lois Cusick
The Developing Child
Willi Aepplli
Between From and Freedom
Betty Staley
Betty Staley
Waldorf Schools - Upper Grades and High School
Ruth Pusch (Editor)
School as a Journey
Torin Finser
Youtube links
Why Waldorf? 
Free to Learn – Introducing Steiner Waldorf Education
Marin Waldorf School
Famous Waldorf Alumni
Waldorf Alumni speak out
Preparing for Life 
Online Articles
Learning that grows with the Learner: An Introduction to Waldorf Education by Henry Barnes
Waldorf Steiner Education Association Singapore