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Tending to the young child’s needs at home:
A series of six parenting workshops (online via Zoom)

September 17, 2020 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Waldorf Steiner Education Asociation Singapore (WSEAS) is pleased to announce a series of parenting workshops commencing from 17 September 2020, 8pm to 10pm (via Zoom online). This six-workshops course aims to help parents create conducive home environments for their young ones. The workshops take on a practical approach with emphasis on useful applications for the homelife.

Join us for six enriching evenings to discover ways that support your child’s learning and development.

We will be exploring:
  1. Developmental stages in childhood (17 Sept 2020)
    Through the understanding of the stages of development in early childhood, we are able to truly meet the needs of a child. Our main priorities include
    • Protection from external impressions such as artificial noise (eg television)
    • Guiding the children gently into life by allowing them to learn from life for life.
  2.  Four Fundamental Senses (24 Sept 2020)
    The healthy development of a child’s senses before seven years old has great importance. It affects the child (as adult in the future) in realising his/her potentiality. in this workshop, we will discuss the essence of each sense, its importance in first seven years of life and how each sense transforms as a child approaches adulthood at 21 years old.
  3. Rhythm and Repetition (1st Oct 2020)
    We are surrounded by rhythms in nature – the cycles of the moon or day and night. As adults, rhythm and repetition in our lives help us to experience a much smoother life. This is even more significant for young children who are still new to the world around them. The benefits of a healthy regular rhythm are many, it provides a young child security and confidence. Good rhythms also help to establish healthy life habits.
  4. Creative Discipline (8 Oct 2020)
    From time to time, do we reflect on the way we handle our children? Have we consider the appropriateness of our reactions? How do we view our child? Are we seeing only their behaviour or at what that is dwelling within that small body who deserves respect and dignity? How could we intervene an undesired situation more effectively? Have we really thought through what we want to draw out from the child, or how to help him/her overcomes the difficulties encountered?
  5. Imitation and Play (15 Oct 2020)
    Young children learn through imitation. The surrounding adults who are serving as role models for the children need to be particularly concerned with self-education. Imitation is the foundation of play for young child; the young child’s play is not only a pleasurable pastime but also their work. In order to put an idea into play, imagination, patience, perseverance, enthusiasm and the readiness to overcome problems are necessary.
  6. Storytelling (fairy tales and healing stories) (29 Oct 2020)
    Fairy tales speak in a language appropriate to the young child’s consciousness even though these are not written specifically for children. These stories speak through images and actions and there exists, a sense of timelessness (once upon a time). Healing story is an effective way of working with challenging behaviour in children. It aims to bring the behaviour or situation back into a state of wholeness or balance. It is also important to understand that a child’s behaviour, like any human behaviour, is contextual and relational.


Workshop facilitator:

Ourania is an early advocate and pioneer teacher of Waldorf Education in Singapore. She has 20 years of working experience as an Early Childhood Educator in both the mainstream settings and Waldorf kindergartens. Having graduated from the Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher’s training course in 2006, she also holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education and a Bachelor Degree in Psychology/Management. She enjoys mentoring and is passionate to introduce Waldorf Education to local communities.

Individual workshop fee:
$30 (WSEAS member), $35 (Non-member)

Workshop fee (for 6 sessions):
$150 (WSEAS member), $180 (Non-member)

Each session is limited to 20 participants only.
REGISTER and PAY ONLINE to secure your enrolment.

Registration Deadline: 13 September 2020
Commencement Date: Every Thursday from 17th September to 29 Oct 2020
Time: 8pm to 10pm


For more questions, please enquire at .

Tending to the young child's needs flyer


September 17, 2020
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Waldorf Steiner Education Association Singapore (WSEAS)