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IMPT Malaysia (International Postgraduate Medical Training)

July 8, 2018 @ 8:30 am - July 15, 2018 @ 9:00 pm

IPMT MALAYSIA (International Postgraduate Medical Training)
[2018 IPMT (1st Year / 2nd Cycle)]

Overview over the inner meditative path to understand the human being in its emotional and spiritual dimensions according to a concrete understanding how the system of immunological and self-healing processes can be stimulated by medicaments and meditative work.

Introduction into methodology, diagnostic and treatment of Anthroposophic Medicine. Practical example how anthroposophic remedies are produced and how to work with them.



This program occurs in a series of at least a week training every year for five years (five modules).

2018 will be the first module for IPMT Malaysia (2nd Cycle).

(I) Anthroposophic Nursing Care (lead by Rolf Heine)
This session is open to those nursing, homecare professionals, parents or those who are interested in healthy child care.
Topic : Elements of Care

(II) Fundamentals of Anthroposophic Nutritional Therapy (lead by Dr Joean Onn)

(III) Child Development ( lead by Astrid Schmitt-Stegmann )
Topic : Waldorf Education and our present day technological world. Can this Education still support the healthy development of the growing child?

(IV) Eurythmy (lead by Lai Hsin-Shih)
Topic : Individual and the group-where I stand?
Description : Artistic eurythmy has a strong therapeutic effect and is a powerful tool to open up your unknown potential of the self. Where am I in the group and how can I place myself in the group? In the spoken words and the music both have powerful objectivities, which could be used as a tool to help us to understand the periphery of the soul and the center of my inner being. And more, to create through the newly gained ability in strengthening the knowing of oneself.

(V) Biography Work :(lead by Dr Susanne Hofmeister)
Limited Seats for this group.
Description : The workshop provides an introduction to the general principles, reflections and crisis points of the human course of life, which find their unique “stage of life” in each individual fate. The first stage in life of physical development is followed by a time of mental and then spiritual development. Each phase of life has its own particular questions and tasks. In contrast to the physical development, parts of the mental and spiritual development are not given by nature. The more we get to know and lead ourselves, the more we get to be active in shaping our destiny. We are then able to transform the power, which we are for example provided with in the physiological aging process, into a radiant, spiritual youthfulness. With a life that comes from our center within and constantly keeps the mental and spiritual development in mind, we can directly stimulate our health mechanisms prophylactically. Getting to know the biographical regularities, helps us to recognize the common thread in our lives. We recognize ourselves in our various ego states. Between the everyday-self and the higher-self, we learn to see ourselves as an author, narrator and actor in one person.

As therapeutic support, biography work helps the patient to position his or her condition within their course of life. With the help of biography work the condition or other life crisis can be understood in its meaningfulness, even beyond death. Steps can be taken to create a deeper understanding of the critical life situation. Now the patient can take the important step into personal responsibility and a new self-efficacy.

During the six afternoons we will get to know the development tasks, the questions and the crisis points of the individual 7-year period in keynote speeches. With questions and pictorial themes we will individually apply what we have learned to our own lives. In small groups, we will exchange thoughts in a confidential setting. Thereby we will specifically practice rules of a releasing, the self in its development supporting conversations. Through their active listening the group members will substantially support the findings of each person.

(VI) Curative Education in Practice: ( lead by Dr Andrea Seemann)
This session is open to educator, therapist, social worker, art therapist, teacher, parent or those who have interest in this field of training.
Topic : Milestones in Child Development – Behavioral Problems and Emotional Disorders”
Description : This workshop can lead to a deeper understanding of children with difficulties and show a path for how to find help and support. We will work on following contents:
1. Typical milestones in the development of children from 0 to 7 years. How can we observe their development in their drawings?
2. Short overview of the development between 7 to 14 years and 14 to 21 years.
3. How can I recognize a developmental delay/disorder?
4. Some of the most frequent genetic syndromes and other reasons for developmental problems (ASD, ADHD).

(VII) Anthroposophic Medicine : (lead by Dr Daphne Von Boch)
This session is available only to those health professionals who have either qualified in a registered field of practice, or are on a specific path of training. For medical doctors this course serves as part of the pathway to certification as an Anthroposophic Physician.
Topic : The Physiology of the Lung as a Basis for Diagnosis and Therapy

Description : That the lungs are the basis for breathing is a clear fact. But that it is also the basis for our feeling and on top of it the basis for the perception of the solid part of the earth, this will be understandable through the study of the invisible part of the lungs which expresses itself in the visible. The consequences for the therapy will be showed.

(VIII) Antroposophic Pharmacy : (lead by Salete Klett)
This session is available only to those health professionals who have either qualified in a registered field of practice, or are on a specific path of training.

Topic : Transformation Processes in the Plant Realm und in Pharmacy. Plant Based Metals
Description : This week’s focus will be on the idea of processes and metamorphosis. The evolution of the human being and the kingdoms of nature. The idea of the metamorphosis of plants with observations and exercises.Examples of the description of the curative processes coming from plants suggested by Rudolf Steiner and consequently the pharmaceutical processes of elaboration. The etheric world and its forces and consequences in the anthroposophical pharmacy will be a theme to be developed.
The pharmaceutical processes of dynamization (deepen) and vegetabilized metals will be emphasized.

(IX) The Main Pillars of a Healthy Social Life: World Economy anf the Role of Money; Community Building, Healthy Relationships and Leadership;Threefold Human Being and Threefold Society (lead by Alexander Schwedeler)
This session is open to business professionals, entreprenuer those who have interest in this field of training.
Description : In the morning sessions we will practice seeing and perceiving the human being. The afternoon workshops are a mix of lectures and small group work with the themes: Leadership in an increasingly complex world in business, education and health care. How to build high-performing teams and a healthy business? State of the world. State of the financial system. Three qualities of money. How to build a new and local economy? How to build a healthy social organism? Inner schooling and heart coherence. Questions of participants are welcome!”

(X) Biodynamic Agriculture (Lead By Jakes Jajakaran)
Topic : Introduction to Biodynamic Farming

(XI) Anthroposophic Art Therapy (Lead By Karin Jarman)
Topic : Colour and Form as the Basic Principles in Art Therapy
Description : This course is intended to be an introduction into Anthroposophic art therapy. This form of therapy is not only based on Psychology but seeks to build a bridge between the human soul with the soul of the world. We will be learning about colour through studying it with the prism and explore polarities in the world of form. This will be accompanied with examples of therapeutic art exercises. No previous experience is needed to take part in this course.

For Course Enquiry:
Cheng Swee Kian +6012-4302247
Lai Chooi Ling +6012-4208148
Lim Sze Ting +6016-2786051

For accommodation or registration Enquiry: Ooi Lay Koon, , phone: 6048992471 and fax: +60 4 8992514.


July 8, 2018 @ 8:30 am
July 15, 2018 @ 9:00 pm


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IMPT Malaysia
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