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The Waldorf Steiner Education Association (Singapore) (WSEAS) was founded in 2003 with a goal to promote Waldorf education and pedagogy in Singapore.

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  • Parent,

    She's able to keep a calm and peaceful mind without getting distracted by the busy world

  • Parent,

    I like the awareness of environment, surroundings and others. It helps my child to understand how to respect individuals as well as the group

  • RainTree Early Childhood Program's Parent,

    The perfect environment to make a child happy and breathe life back into them, given that we are in a bustling and fast paced city.

  • RainTree Early Childhood Program's Parent,

    The environment is very nurturing, respectful and supportive, my daughter’s childhood is honoured in a way that no other method of education offers.


Our playgroups are a supportive environment for parents and children to learn more about Waldorf education. Read More

Early Childhood Programs

Our Early Childhood Programs engage the intellectual, emotional and physical needs of the child.  Read more

Adult Education

We offer parenting talks, self development workshops and teacher training courses. Read More


Waldorf Steiner Education Association Singapore